Prosperity Group Purchases Anexartisias E&S Landmark

Limassol, Cyprus – Tuesday 2nd of July 2019, The Prosperity Group, in collaboration with international design hotel brand, Brown Hotels, completed a deal last week to purchase the famous E&S Landmark building on Anexartisias street. The plans for the site are to develop 180-200 room boutique urban design hotel with a panoramic rooftop lounge bar and swimming pool overlooking Limassol’s historic city centre. This comes as a confirmation of The Prosperity Group’s commitment to regenerate Limassol’s city centre – with other projects under their portfolio including the Limassol AGORA and a promise of more to follow.

The Prosperity Group is internationally known for defining and rejuvenating neighborhoods, as well as generating new communities with their real-estate developments. Such projects include developments for residential and commercial properties in the UK, Cyprus, Croatia, Israel, Holland, southern and eastern Europe. The Limassol AGORA being one of the exciting projects that the company has initiated in the past year bringing restaurants, bars, office space and a rooftop bar to the 100+ year old building.

The CEO of The Prosperity Group commented, ‘We are extremely excited that our commitment to reestablishing the city centre of Limassol is now reaching fruition. The E&S building is a landmark in Cypriot culture and attaining the development of E&S is just one of the pieces of the puzzle in delivering on our promise of a new Limassol. Along with Brown Hotels, we will create a stunning, never-seen-before, city hotel concept and rooftop oasis on Limassol’s main shopping street – combining the international style and aesthetic of the Brown brand, as well as shaping a city hotspot with a fresh vibe. Limassol is changing and we are proud to be part of this uprising.’

Brown Hotels mission was to introduce a collection of hotels devoted to service, design, innovation, style, and authenticity. They have done just that with luxurious and trendy boutique, design hotels located around Israel and Croatia. Dominating the headlines in the world’s leading international lifestyle, design and travel publications, such as the NY Times, Vogue, The National Geographic and many more. Spokesperson at Brown Hotel said, ‘This is a great opportunity for us to expand our group of hotels in new emerging markets. Cyprus is an up-and-coming market with all the right ingredients for a design based boutique hotel in Limassol city centre. The city won’t know what’s hit them! The Prosperity Group have all the local insight and international know-how on how to help us achieve our ever-growing portfolio of destinations.’

About The Prosperity Group:

Founded in 2006, The Prosperity Group’s primary focus is working with partners to develop contemporary residential, commercial, hospitality, retail, leisure, and mix-use properties. The group provides full scope of disciplines including evaluation, design, construction, financing, asset management, marketing, and development. Prosperity’s motto is committed to people, culture and environmental stewardship – choosing landmark locations to exemplify next-generation lifestyles.

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